Special issues of the international journal Litteraria Pragensia based on papers given at the 2017 Paris symposium on Wordsworth: The French Connection and the 2018 Paris symposium on Exiles, Émigrés and Expatriates in Romantic-Era Paris and London can be accessed free by clicking these titles or at the links below.

This arrangement is made possible by the kind permission of the editor and publishers of the journal. As of summer 2019, the journal is now fully Open Access, the Exiles, Émigrés & Expatriates special issue being the first issue published in this way. 

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Click here to access the special issue on Exiles, Émigrés & Expatriates in Romantic-Era Paris & London, edited by David Duff and Marc Porée


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Click here to download the special issue on Wordsworth & France, edited by David Duff, Marc Porée and Martin Procházka