London seminars are held in Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU. Seminars are free and open to the public.


Friday 20 October 2017

Diego Saglia (University of Parma)

The Cross-Channel Stage: Transnational Theatre in the Age of Romanticism

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Court Room (first floor)


Friday 17 November 2017

Laurent Folliot (University of Paris-Sorbonne)

Coleridge and Myriad-Mindedness

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Room 349 (third floor)


Friday 8 December 2017

International panel: Byron and Romantic Realism

Richard Lansdown (University of Groningen)

Novelistic Realism in the English Cantos of Don Juan

Rosa Mucignat (King’s College London)

Byron and Realist Time-Space: Metonymy and the Chronotope in Childe Harold Canto IV

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Room G3 (ground floor)


Friday 19 January 2018 

Sarah Haggarty (University of Cambridge)

Blake’s Newton and Romantic Geometry

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/ G35 (ground floor)


Friday 16 February 2018

International panel: Henry Crabb Robinson and his European Romantic Circle

James Vigus (Queen Mary University of London)

Crabb Robinson, Aesthetic Autonomy, and Staël’s Corinne, Or Italy

Philipp Hunnekuhl (University of Hamburg)

Critical Dissemination: Kant, Hazlitt, and Crabb Robinson

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/ G35 (ground floor)


Friday 16 March 2018

Angela Esterhammer (University of Toronto)

Theatrical Improvisation and Periodical Culture: London and Paris, 1824

17.30-19.30  Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/ G35 (ground floor)



Thursday 12 – Friday 13 April 2018

PARIS SYMPOSIUM – Exiles, Émigrés and Expatriates in Romantic-Era Paris and London


Friday 18 May 2018  

International Panel: The Romantic Lecture and Its Institutions

Sarah Zimmerman (Fordham University, New York)

The Romantic Literary Lecture: A Short History

Judith Thompson (Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia)

John Thelwall and the Uses of Oratory

17.30-19.30   Senate House, Room 349 (third floor)






Friday 21 October 2016           Launch event

Christoph Bode (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)

De L’Allemagne with Love: English Bards and European Theorists

Opening reception with special guest Marc Porée (Paris)

17.30-20.30     Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Friday 11 November 2016 

Michael Gamer (University of Pennsylvania)

Re-collection’s Intranquility: Romanticism, Self-Canonization and the Business of Poetry

17.30-19.30     Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Friday 9 December 2016       International panel: The Poetics of the Letter

Pamela Clemit (Queen Mary University of London / Wolfson College, Oxford)

Difficult to Make and Difficult to Fake: Signalling in Romantic-Period Letters

Jeremy Elprin (Université de Caen)

‘Qui me néglige me désole’: The Neglected Countenance of Keats’s Letters

17.30-20.30     Senate House, Woburn Room/G22 (ground floor)


Friday 13 January 2017

Martin Procházka (Charles University, Prague)

The Phantasmal Imagination: Biographia Literaria and Continental Philosophy

17.30-19.30     Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Friday 10 February 2017

Lynda Pratt (University of Nottingham)

Romanticism and the Culture of Non-Publication

17.30-19.30     Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Friday 10 March 2017       International panel: Literature and the Senses

Rowan Boyson (King’s College London)

Common Airs: Sensuality, Smell and Freedom in Romantic Writing c.1798-1805

Sophie Laniel-Musitelli (Université de Lille / Institut Universitaire de France)

Sentient Matter: Sight and Sound in Shelley’s Last Poems

17.30-19.30     Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Thursday 20-Friday 21 April 2017 

PARIS SYMPOSIUM      Wordsworth: The French Connection

École Normale Supérieure, rue d’Ulm  – click here for cfp 


Friday 12 May 2017

Gregory Dart (University College London)

The Lamb Circle and the Birth of Romantic Practical Criticism

17.30-19.30   Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)


Friday 16 June 2017

Heidi Thomson (Victoria University of Wellington)

Coleridge and the Romantic Newspaper: Private Woes and Public Media

17.30-19.30       Senate House, Bloomsbury Room/G35 (ground floor)